Filing of events
The event form files subject, location, event start and end, part of day or all day, reminder, type, attribute, event reccurence, note and copying into selected calendars. Subject and location are displayed in the current planning calendar after the event is saved. If you fill in location that is not filed in locations it will be automatically filed after the event is saved. Filed locations sorted alphabetically may be displayed via a pop-up list. Date and time of event start and end, reminder, event type and attribute can be selected from the offered values only. Reminder can also be defined via the ellipsis button (...). If the event takes a whole day, check the All day box. Note is the last editable field to enter detailed information.

The Event Reccurence button calls a form to set the range and frequency of recurrence.

For a new event, the Copy to calendars button can be used to select planning calendars into which an identical copy of the new saved event will be filed.

In the toolbar Search (Ctrl+F) searches for the text entered (Ctrl+N - Next, Ctrl+P - Previous), Copy copies the event so that it can be pasted into the current planning calendar, Preview shows a preview of the event, Print prints the event.

The event can be saved by the Save and close button and by the Save (Ctrl+S) option of toolbar, it can also be deleted by the Delete option of toolbar or closed without saving by the Cancel key, clicking the top right corner cross, or by the Alt+F4 key combination.