Using the application
Day Organizer lets you file single and recurring events in an unlimited number of planning calendars. The default planning calendar is created when you first enter the application. The current planning calendar can display day, work week, whole week, month, and selected group of days.

Currently displayed days are highlighted in the small monthly calendar in the right section of the window where a group of days for display may be selected. You can move between individual months in the small monthly calendar with arrows in the header or by clicking the header with the selection of the desired month. To display the days in the newly set month in the current planning calendar click the desired day or week in the small monthly calendar. The Today button will always take you to the current day, week and month.

Any planning calendar can be selected under the small monthly calendar through the pop-up list. Week number for the selected day and week is displayed under the calendar selection.
The main menu with the following options is displayed in the top section of the window: The toolbar with icons which stand for selected main menu options is offered under the main menu. Each option is represented by a unique icon. If you hold the mouse pointer above an icon for a short while, its name will be displayed, click the icon to use it.

A new event may be created in the current planning calendar either by double-clicking the required place with no event defined or by right-clicking the required place with no event defined and choosing New event or Paste event option from the context menu. You can Paste event only from a previously copied event.

An event that is already created can be edited, copied, previewed, printed, and deleted. The above-listed options will display in a context menu which you can open by right-clicking an existing event. If you double-click an existing event, the edit event will open.